Friday, October 22, 2010


So, I'm not a fan of Kate Hudson's acting(although she was quite good in Almost Famous, but I feel like she was just playing her real life self). That being said, I do have to admit she is very pretty, but what's going on here?

The length on the dress is bizarre, not mention the general fit, and the hair? I don't want to trash on someone who is way hotter than me, but then again, doesn't she have people to make sure moments like these don't happen? This isn't just out for a jog and getting your pic taken when you're all sweaty, this is an event, with loads of photographers. Come on, Kate. You can do better.

Of course, I'm probably just jealous that she dates this guy:

A total guitar god and lead singer of the band Muse, Matt Bellamy.

Well, I am jealous, but also, that's just a terrible effort. I just can't get over how bad her hair looks.