Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Test Run

So as you could probably tell by the numerous costume ideas I have had on the blog, I pretty much love Halloween. Best costume ever? I have three that have been sweet. One year, when I was a kid, my mom got all Martha Stewart and we made my costume. It was a box of popcorn. All I did was wear white sweatpants and a sweatshirt, along with a white winter hat. She spray painted a white box and then took red electrical tape and went down  the sides in stripes. Then we hot glued actual popcorn to the top and wrote popcorn on the side. It was all kinds of awesome.

A few years back my friends and I went as smores. Two were graham crackers, one a marshmallow, and I was the hershey bar. That was pretty sweet. Also, two years ago I had to put together a last minute costume, which I chose Charles Nelson Reilly. Haha. So random, but back in the day at college we would watch the Game Show Network re-runs of Match Game from the 70s. He was our favorite. It consisted of a nautical inspired hat, some huge pink glasses, and a shirt with an ascot. Pretty awesome for last minute, but everyone thought I was Elton John. Pretty similar, I guess.

This year's costume has been cooking up for some time, but I feel like the world is plotting against me in an attempt to make it not happen. It will happen, I say!

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you probably know what it is, but I'm gonna keep it a bit of a surprise until I can hopefully get some pictures after the weekend to show you all. In any event, I began a trial run last night trying to get hair and makeup down.

Here are some hints:

As you can see, I was having some issues with both the liquid liner and the whole rollers thing. Normally, I don't even brush my hair, so trying to figure out rollers is a huge ordeal. Real impressed face in that second pic, no? Sorry for the darkness. I was at the bathroom mirror and the flash was ruining any other attempts.

Probably not enough clues just yet, so you'll have to check back Monday for the big reveal (hopefully).


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

tip for liquid liner: get a thin artist brush to apply onto your eyes. It works a TON better then the wand that usually comes with it. Also if you can, balance the elbow of whatever arm you use on something hard.

I'm excited to see the final results!

Jenn said...

Ohh, thanks for the tip! I never use liquid liner, so I was a bit fumbly for sure.

Vintage Seen said...

I just tried rollers for the first time and figured out you need a ton of spray or setting lotion, unless my hair is just too short...I am terrible at liquid liner but love it, will also take Amanda's advice, yippee send us the final pic too!

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

ohhhh I can't wait!
I'll have my costume up on Monday as well.

hmmm, mad men?

A + M + S said...

You are very pretty! You look like Lily Allen here :)

aleytac at hotmail dot com

Danger said...

The rollers are too cute! I have a tough time with them