Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie Mondays: Elvis and Anabelle

5 reasons 7 reasons I love this movie:

  • The Mystery-I saw this movie literally years (I think three?) ago at a film festival and have been obsessed with it since, however it never came out on DVD. I spent endless hours trying to track it down to no avail. I even saw it on Lifetime one night last summer and thought that it must certainly be available, but nope. Well, this past month I was unbelievably stoked when I saw it had been moved up from the bottom of my Netflix queue with an official release date. You can now rent this gem and I think you should.
  • Creepy Factor-Well the general idea of this movie is creepy. Read the synopsis. I love how it takes place in a funeral home and the car they casually drive around in is an old school hearse. I think that this might be the creepiest love story you will ever see and that's pretty much a keeper in my book.
  • The Vintage Vibe-From the old school hearse I just mentioned to the wardrobes, this movie takes place in modern times, but has a sweet 60s/70s Southern vibe to it that I love.
  • Girl Crush-I love Blake Lively. She's obviously gorgeous, but her acting is surprisingly good for someone best known for a role on a teenage soap opera. Not just in this movie either. She has a likability factor and it is on full display here.
  • Best line...ever?-It delivers possibly the most hilarious line ever. "You already know what happened, I'm a crazed necrophiliac. I have sex with geriatrics." Probably doesn't sound funny, but in the scene it hilariously delivered after a series of misunderstandings.
  • Father/Son Relationship-So damn cute.
  • Cinematography-Everything is beautiful, from muted grays and earthy tones to the vibrant colors towards the end. Just beautiful.

The Trailer:

An awesome song from the movie: