Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Costume Idea #25: Military or Something

I really don't know anything about the military, so I feel a bit sheepish guessing at what one might wear to pull off some kind of military costume. In any event, here is some kind of vintage military mash-up.

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Those aviators are incredibly awesome. So tempted.


Melody said...

Those black leather buckle boots are so far beyond awesome I can't even believe it. A bit pricey for halloween, but awesome.

Welcome! said...

Oh I love it!! :) Thank you so much for including my Boots! :)

I love the mash up :) Hehe.. My boyfriend is a total military buff, he would know each piece, who made it, what they made it for, and when they made it! Haha..

Great Post! :)


Texas Skye said...

Nice assortment; ripe for creativity!

Charlana said...

Hot, Hot, Hot...Military stylin.


Anonymous said...

This post deserves a Salute! What fun ideas for Halloween! I'm reminded of Mash, Sgt. Bilko, Hogan's Heros & I dream of Jeannie! Best of all, they can be incorprated into your wardrobe, as one of the hottest trends in fashion is Military! Great post, Great Blog and many thanks for including Atticville!

splash said...

Wonderful collection! Thank you for including us :)


vintageurbanrenewal said...

Forget about Halloween ... when I saw this page I realized I dress this way most of the time. Thanks
for including
and our army pants.

Anonymous said...

This is everyday wear for me...thanks for thinking of CousinHoneyVintage

The Black Spot Books said...

yum. those fiorentini and baker boots are scrumptious! too bad they are too big!