Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Costume Idea #28: Cuz I'm Saved by the Bell

How good was this show? Back before everyone knew Screech was a douchebag in real life or that AC Slater would end up famous for dancing, this show was crazy about fashion. The dudes rocked high tops and tons of denim, while the ladies rocked florals, rompers, and more denim...sometimes all at once.

She rocked the floral prints, big time.
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All about the muscle shirts for this guy.

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Many vibrant dresses or rompers with cropped jackets.

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Haha this pic isn't from the show(from Jimmy Fallon), but I love how perfectly it shows the Zack Morris Vibe. Dude is all about the tee under the button down. And that phone (had to find closest match).

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The big bows, the cropped sweatshirts, and mega mom jeans.

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Novelty shirts and suspenders or what some might call classic Hollywood geek.

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It's all right, cause you're saved by this sweet costume idea.


Antoinette said...

Hi Jenn,
This is a great idea! You have some awesome finds which capture the essence of the show perfectly!

Thanks for featuring the Vintage Converse High Tops here for the Screech costume.

With Much Appreciation,


tressie said...

omg. The clothes...still pretty cute! but that phone...What a brick!

vintage eye said...

It is absolute perfection!

A Wild Tonic said...

Amazing idea! Also, I went to college with a girl who is now apparently engaged (?!!?) to Screech. Weirdsville.

Jenn said...

how unfortunate for her. met him once in college when he came to do a 'comedy' show during homecoming week. the theme was saved by the bell, but all they could get were screech and belding. belding was actually kinda cool, screech was was a HUGE dbag.

i only refer to them by their characters names, ps.

Anonymous said...

I love your Saved by the Ball Halloween Costumes. I have a pretty good AC Slater Wresting costume up on my site. AC Slater Halloween Costume