Sunday, October 17, 2010


I bet you do, too. Am I right?

So, at the end of September, the band that I would currently say is in my top five, The Airborne Toxic Event, came out with a live cd/dvd combo. Obviously I wanted to buy it, but everywhere I searched it was over 20 dollars and even though they are a fave, I'm trying to buy a house, so blowing 20-anything on a CD seemed a bit ridiculous.

I made the mistake of looking on WalMart's website. I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere between 11 and 12 dollars, I believe. I put my hatred on hold (yes, to save ten dollars, I'm not proud) and decided to buy it. So they had a couple of options, namely sending it to my house for a few dollars or to the local store for free. I clearly went with free.

Well, my friends, that was at the beginning of October. Literally weeks later and it's still not here. Finally a couple of days ago it went from being in sorting facility (where tracking said it was for a week!) to now saying it is in transit.

How is it possible that a company as big as WalMart can take weeks to get an item to their store? I'm calling shenanigans on this and it just further proves my point, that I'd rather spend a few dollars more to be a happy camper than to feel so aggravated over an item that I'm beginning to forget I even ordered.

In any event, I will be stuck watching the following clip til my order arrives:


ldylux said...

you are definitely not the only one who hates Walmart! i will go out of my way and spend just a little more at Target to avoid Walmart at all costs! it's crazy, but it's worth it.

vintage eye said...

I avoid the walmart at all & off!