Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sports and Fashion: 2010 US Open Tennis Fashions

I am hugely obsessed with tennis. I have played it since I was a little kid and have attended many pro events. Loving tennis in America is about as useful as a flat tire. No one loves tennis here.

Alas, America does seem slightly interested when the US Open is going on. Don't love tennis? Then you should watch it for the fashion.

The US Open is an amazing blend of fashion and sports. The last major being Wimbledon where the dress code calls for all white clothing has both fans and many players yearning for the vibrant clothes that many unveil specifically for the tournament in NY. And so I bring you the top fashions of the 2010 US Open.

The ladies:
1. Caroline Wozniacki-It is probably easier to look good when a famous designer makes your outfits, but her recent Grand Slam attire has left me bored. She often wears colors that I find are too fair for her complexion. I love the darker dress this time around with the small details that really make it something special. Ms. Wozniacki is a beautiful girl and this dress just adds to her look. I've read that some people don't like it, but these people must be crazy. It's perfect drama for the flashiest of the 4 slams. Love.

2. Maria Sharapova-This lady was one of the first to really take the opportunity to blend fashion with the sport. This year she really delivers. Love the tone of the dress and she even has a darker one for night that has some crazy tuxedo vibes, but in a classy way of course.

 3. Jelena Jankovic-I don't follow women's tennis as closely as men's, but JJ is probably my favorite player. I also love what she brings to the court in terms of fashion. She seems to have a diva side to her and I love that. Love the color on this tourny's outfit. The bold purple looks amazing with her dark hair and the magenta straps give it a bit of a flirty edge compared to its classic flutter skirt. Just a great choice. UPDATE: Prior to posting this Jankovic literally just lost. Too bad, because I love that outfit.

And now the men:

1. Rafael Nadal-Let's face it: Rafa would look good in anything. He's gradually been stepping up his fashion game, I mean, can you remember when he used to wear the long shorts that looked capris? Shudder. This year's outfit is a top contender for so many reasons. It is classic, but contemporary. The subtle gray tones on hte black are a wonderful addition and literally give the look of a superhero vibe a la Batman. The neon splashes add some needed drama and I guess you could make an argument that Rafa's body plays a part in making the whole cohesive. Godly.

2. Ryan Harrison-The Cinderfella story of the Open (til he lost yesterday), this guy went from no one to huge with a couple of wins. On the court he won points with me by rocking this shirt. I know other people wore it as well, but come on,  this guy is the future of American tennis or at least that's what the media pressure has put on him. A nice throwback to McEnroe wear, this shirt is a classic.

3. Roger Federer-Here is a dude who pals around with Anna Wintour, so of course he thinks about fashion. Can't go wrong this night time outfit of his consisting of a dark tone along with white piping at the collar. Nothing special or over the top, just a classic look.

And with these nice fashions here are a few missteps in the tennis fashion world:

Nadia Petrova and Bethany Mattek-Sands have some made several dubious wardrobe decisions, but with this year's sudden love of pattern on the ladies' outfits, it was just too much. You might be thinking they don't look too bad, but these pictures don't do their terrible outfits the justice they deserve.

Novak Djokovic is smoking hot. His outfits, not so much. A lot of people have commented they're a bit too Ed Hardy, but I feel like they're a bit too late 90s and I mean the bad late 90s fashion trend. Remember when dragons and snakes were all over shirts worn by people from coast to coast. You don't? You're lucky. I admire his desire to go with something different, but come on Nole, you can do better than the look of a burnout on the beach circa 1998.

And that's all. Do you have any other top fashions from the Open? How about all the crazy dresses Venus has worn? I can't tell if I love them or hate them, so I left 'em off this list.


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