Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Costume Idea #13: Madonna (Mostly 80s Madge)

I think the title says it all. I bring you, Madonna.

PS-I finally made it so you click on the pic to see the item. You're welcome.

Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna

She was all about the lace, crucifixes, and the color black, with a pop of color or animal print.

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Material Girl Madonna

All about that iconic pink dress and diamonds (aka rhinestones for us little people).

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Like a Virgin Madonna

More lace, but this time in white.

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I love all of the looks, but I gotta say, I am completely digging the Desperately Seeking Susan version. So many trends that are hot right now were inspired by that look. Love her or hate her, Madonna is certainly a fashion icon. Kim Kardashion...not so much.

What is your favorite Madonna era? Or do you like the current yoga inspired vibes? Comment below.

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Vintage Seen said...

I always wanted to be like desperately seeking Madonna, fave scene when she's drying her armpits under the hand dryer.

Anonymous said...

Lived this in The east Village with my shop when Cindi lauper Played 2 blocks away and madonna and grunge patti smith all the rage , were hanging, drinking egg creams and shopping in my store SHAZZAM INC on the corner of St.marks and Second, also Trash n Vaudeville and Manic Panic.
hate to brag but I started the Black Spandex craze then! But That's it's own story!
Thanks for my feature of Bangles, have tons more!-Rachelle Starr

Jenn said...

What an amazing story of fashion history! Thanks for sharing Rachelle!

omoy said...

Great collection, cool blog and thanks for the add on.

Andrea of Lousy Beatnik said...

Thanks for featuring my gloves on your lovely blog!

When I first watched Desperately Seeking Susan, I fell head over heels for the jacket with the pyramid embroidery... her whole look in the film is truly drool-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for including our vintage crinoline slip! All your choices are Madonna worthy!!

Nora said...

What a complete collection of Maddona look alike clothing!
Thanks for including the White Bow Dress!