Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dollar Store Find of the Week: Almay Pure Blends

I love to buy pretty things that cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, my bank account says otherwise. Do you share a similar problem? I have a great idea for ya, dollar stores.

The Dollar Tree, if you don't know, is a store that sells EVERYTHING for a dollar. Now you might be thinking that since everything is a dollar, it must all be junk. I say, no, no, my friend, not junk. Well, some is definitely junk, but next time you are in your nearest dollar store, go check out the makeup aisle, which is where this week's find comes from. They get stuff from other stores that have either discontinued items or closed, which means you can find name brand stuff for a dollar.

Now, I am not talking 30 dollar lipstick, but the stuff at department stores that runs from 6-10 dollars can be found for the sweet, low price of one dollar. I go there to buy stuff for myself, stocking stuffers for my Mom, and even stuff to fill goodie bags for various parties.

This week's find: Almay Pure Blends Lipgloss in Peach

This stuff has a list price of $15.98. While you probably will never have to pay as much, even at your local department store, you can expect to pay $8 for it. There it was for a dollar.

I love a neutral gloss and the fact that Pure Blends are 95.8% natural is awesome. Even the packaging is made with 28% post-consumer recycled materials. That's just great.

So, next time you need a quick make up fix, because you're on your way to dinner and realize you left your lipgloss on the vanity at home, stop by your local dollar store. You never know what you could find and you won't break your bank account.

Want to win this lipgloss? Stop by tomorrow to enter the first giveaway here at Blue Butterfly Vintage and you could be rocking some peach gloss within a couple of weeks.