Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion's Night Out Kicks Off Fashion Week

So, there's this little thing going on over in NYC, I don't know, maybe you've heard of it? I think it's called Fashion Week? Yeah. That's it. Last night it kicked off with Fashion's Night Out.

The other day I mentioned that tennis ace Roger Federer pals around with Anna Wintour. Well, here he is, on a day off from the US Open, sitting with Wintour and her new BFF, fashion starlet Blake Lively.

Hey, Fed, where is your wedding band? Seems a little bit too Tiger to be band-less in a place full of 150 models. Blake looks absolutely stunning. She is probably my favorite star in Hollywood in terms of fashion.

And since the US Open is winding down, why don't I just bring you a nice little dose of the ridiculous Spanish attractiveness that graced the courts last night/yesterday.

 Damn, Verdasco is looking fine. Love the color combo on that shirt.

Feliciano Lopez is kiiiinda good looking.

And to finish off a fine Spanish Trio, how about your weekly dose of Nadal? Meow.


Vintage Seen said...

am sure that girl Blake Lively was bigger before, in a good way.

Jenn said...

She does look a bit too thin. I missed it because I loved her dress so much.

A Wild Tonic said...

Blake is pulling a Serena--sitting front row at fashion shows. Haha!

Also, in tv-related news: Verdasco sorta looks like Sayid from "Lost" in that photo.

You're welcome for all the really relevant comments. ;)

Jenn said...

I have a filter so only the most relevant of comments are able to be posted. :)

And, yes, it is very much life imitating art...or tennis and fashion imitating TV shows. All the same.