Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a Holiday. Let's Go Blow Some Cash.

What better way to spend a holiday than to shop? Today, my Mom and I went on a full day excursion around Buffalo with one idea in our minds: spending some serious dough.

Check out the trunk after we got home:

And most of the stuff, minus a bag or two out of the car:

Mission accomplished.

Let me break it down by first discussing thrift stops. We went to three different places, Goodwill, A+ Bargains, and Amvets. Sales at all three today, including all clothing was a dollar at Goodwill and half off everything at the other two stops. Got some great stuff at all three places that almost made standing in line for a ridiculous amount of time and watching several small fights emerge over stuff at each place worth it. One of the employees even shared a story about a fist fight erupting over an exercise bike. Some people really want to work out!

So, anyways, pics of those items to come later, but let me just say I scored a pair of Ferragamos for Etsy, ridiculous amount of men's stuff for eBay, and even some stuff for my nieces.

Then came Marshall's. I swear it was like an angel calling my name when I went over to the shoe section. I humorously pointed out the signs that said Final, Final, Final Sale and my Mom noticed some sandals for my niece that were marked down to a dollar. Naturally I began checking the adult shoes and wouldn't you know that all of the sandals were marked between one dollar and three. Brand new sandals. Besides scooping up a dozen pair to sell on eBay, I also scored a pair of BCBG my size! Gasp! Yes, they actually had a pair of 7.5s. Amazing. Here they are:

Aren't they beautiful? They retail for 79.99 and I paid 3 dollars for them! Ahh, life is good. So, besides these guys I picked up sandals by Steve Madden, Mia, and Lucky Brand, all for the same prices. They will soon be listed on eBay as most are larger or small sizes.

So, then I noticed something else I loved in the kids' shoes. I have twin nieces who will be 4 on Halloween and every year I buy them a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars. It has become our thing. Well, wouldn't you know they had two pair, in their sizes, and on clearance for 10 dollars! I swear I never have this luck.

Too cute! Can't you just picture them on these two little beauties?

Notice in the last pic how they are wearing last year's CTs, which were black and pink. I love them! (the shoes and the girls) And can you guess who bought them those vintage flannels in the first pics? Yeah, that would be me.

So, after our mini spree at Marshall's, we then stopped at a TJ Maxx on the way home. While I have been mulling the idea of the Lucky Brand bag in the post from a few days ago, I also knew TJ would have some Lucky Brand bags for a good deal less money. Found one. Love it. End of story.

Ok, not end of story. As you can see, it was $99.99, which is more than I usually spend on purses. Usually I try to find vintage bags at thrift stores, but I really wanted a new purse this time around and if you look at the original tag, this one retailed for $229.00. I really love this purse. I literally might sleep with it under my pillow tonight. Amazing.

So, that was my labor day. All around I would say it was a great experience. Got some great clothes to sell and keep and finally the quest for a new purse comes to an end with the beauty above. Oh, and those adorable birthday gifts for my nieces. Yeah, pretty great day. How did you spend yours? Do share!


A Wild Tonic said...

Awesome finds! And adorable little ladies! :)