Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Costume Today (Boo?) But I Do Bring Giveaway Info

Well, this morning was quite busy and I really don't want to bring a lame, half thought out costume, so be sure to check back tomorrow, as it will be very golden...girls. You're jazzed, right?

Since that is sad news, I will now bring happiness. I have decided that my first giveaway will be up next week, but until then here are a couple for you to enter.

Purple Deer Vintage is giving away a seriously amazing Enid Collins purse. All you have to do is scoot on over and become a blog follower. You can gain additional entries for tweeting about it, blogging it(like this), etc. Very cool.

Vintage Vixen is having a number of giveaways for FabGabs, who had a featured item in yesterday's costume. Just head over and tell her something from FabGabs you love. That simple.

Huzzah Vintage is hosting a giveaway for Mother Midnight Vintage. You can win a $40 shopping spree by doing the same thing as the FabGabs giveaway.

Hopefully you can enter these fine contests and win something purrrty. :)