Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Costume Idea #11: Cheer It Out

Give me a C! Today's costume is a nice standby, because you can almost always find old cheer uniforms at local thrift stores.

The Cheerleader

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Empress Jade Vintage said...

Fun costume ideas! Thanks for including my blue top! XOXO Empress

ShopRetroTrend said...

Thanks so much for including my groovy wool cheerleader top! I'll be reposting this on my Facebook fan page shortly. Here is the link:
Love your vintage costume ideas.
Take care,

Molly Phoenix said...

Grrrreat! POST! I am so glad you included these amazing pompoms!!!

Reanimated Rags said...

What a rad collection! This reminds me I gotta get on my Halloween posts too. Its gettin' about that time....
Love your blog and I will definitely keep checking you out!
Chapel (Reanimated Rags)