Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Costume Idea #1

I love Halloween. Every day I am going to try to bring you a few items that work cohesively together to make one kick-ass outfit for your parties come October 31st. Since we have to deal with shipping times, I will be starting a bit early, as in right now. Be sure to become a blog follower to check on further costumes, especially if you are an Etsy seller, as I will be taking every idea from things I find on Etsy.

Today's costume is a classic. I bring you Cinderella.

The Dress


Hope you will consider going vintage or handmade for your costume this year. Department store costumes are so last year(and much less fun).



Great blog idea! :) Thanks for including me!

Rachelle Starr said...

The mouse! Love the mouse, My princss days are past.I am more like the evil queen, or the pumpkin!
Thanks for featuring my baby blue Cinderella Gloves here!-Rachelle Starr

Sarah L. Hunt said...

Oh my this is adorable!!!thanks so much for including my mouse!!! :)

Jen said...

Great ideas! Thanks for including my headband. :)