Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UK Readers...Check Out Very

Everyone knows that jewelry can really make or a break an outfit. It can also completely change the tone of the outfit, taking from work wear to the club.

A few of my friends in the UK have the most amazing style sense when it comes to accessories, such as jewelry. It is not hard to see why, when you find awesome sites such as Very.

Very is a site with everything from clothing to accessories, but it is their jewellery (that's the UK spelling) that really has my mouth watering. Click here to see what I am talking about. I like everything they have, but I especially love some of their pendant necklaces, including the Vintage Watch Pendant and Rose Print Long Pendant. So pretty!

They also have a great collection of owl themed pieces, as well as your typical tear drop style earrings and more!

Jewelry from Very is not available to buyers in the US, but hopefully it will be someday. A girl can dream!

*This is in association with Very.