Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Mondays: Closer

Last week, I told you about my love for bleak, British movies. Closer is probably my favorite movie OF.ALL.TIME. Mega bleak and mega British.

Here are two of my favorite scenes featuring Clive Owen, who completely makes this movie. So awesomely evil.

Please note, there is some seriously R-rated language. Do not watch these at work, in front of children, or if you cannot handle f-bombs/c-bombs. You have been warned...proceed:


cara said...

i love this movie, one of my favorites as well. ps. congrats on 800!

Jenn said...

thanks! and yes, what a great movie. i have seen it a ridiculous number of times. haha, which is weird, bc im not sure it is a movie the average person would want to watch over and over, but i blame clive owens face for that one.

jhitomi said...

Have you seen Croupier? You should if you haven't, as a Clive Owen fan. The way he deals cards as the croupier is cool and sexy.