Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Thursdays: Re-Potting a Plant

 Today's How To comes from Gillian. Check out her info at the bottom of the page, of course after you've finished reading her sweet post.

How to: Re-pot a Plant

This is Edgar. Edgar has outgrown his pot.


Here are some tips on how to repot your plant friends when they outgrow their pots.

To start with, wait a few days after the last time you watered the plant to repot it --it's easier to re-pot a plant when the dirt is fairly dry.

Choose a new pot that is  just a few inches than the old one, because plants should only be repotted to a bigger sized pot gradually. I got this fancy one at Value Village --I think Edgar will enjoy his new home, don't you?


Pick the right kind of soil for your plant. Edgar is just a regular kind of plant, so I just used a bag of regular potting soil. Plants like geraniums and any kind of cactus (including things like aloe plants) will need a special type of soil.


Add dirt to the new pot, filling it about 1/3 of the way full.


Loosen the dirt in the old pot around the plant gradually-- I used a trowel to help.


Lift the plant out of the old pot --if the roots/dirt at the bottom are really packed and in the shape of the pot, use your fingers to loosen the dirt and loosen some of the roots.


Put the plant in the new pot.

FIll up the new pot with dirt, packing the dirt down loosely around the plant.

Give your friend a drink after all this hard work!


Edgar says thanks for his new home!


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