Sunday, July 24, 2011

ohhh, tumblr

I don't have a tumblr page, but I gathered from various friends that do, that it was down yesterday. Why does this matter to me?

On Friday, one of the lovely Etsy admins sent me a message saying the following would be on the Etsy Vintage Tumblr on Saturday:

Not sure if the little guy will ever make it to the page now that the theme of hot dogs is probably over, but alas, it went with a perfect day of me losing my credit card, Amy Winehouse (pretty much the only female singer I have really enjoyed in recent years) dying, and my attendance at a super awkward wedding shower of a gal that used to be my best friend who now doesn't even speak to me. Great day!

And I got to see lots of women with plastic surgery wearing extremely age inappropriate outfits at the shower, such as this lady who is just too old to be wearing a pleated mini skirt/exposed bra straps(sorry, but true):

I would almost feel too old to wear that outfit...and I am 26.

I have resolved that this week can only go up from here!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I have to start secretly snapping picks of all the inappropriateness I witness. Just saw a women wearing a bikini bathing suit top and jeans AT THE MALL. Yes, and she was about 45 at least.