Monday, July 11, 2011

Come Write for Me and Win Sweet Gear

So, the other day I told you guys about a new program here at BBV with guest bloggers and such. I was bummed that I am too poor (and the blog is too poor) to pay people, but I think I have devised a pretty sweet alternative. 

For every 20 guest posts done (collectively) there will be a giveaway of some probably fashion related item or items. If you write one guest post, you'll have a one in twenty shot at the giveaway. If you write two, you will have a one in ten shot. I could keep going, but let's assume you understand the concept of basic math and move on. 

I am looking for four specific types of blog posts. On Wednesdays I need recipes, with instructions and pictures. It can be anything. On Thursdays I need How To posts. They can be anything from How to Make a Pinata to How to Get Ink Stains Out of Clothing. On Fridays there are two options. One is a Friday Funny, which will be a little humorous story about your life/something you heard accompanied by a pic or two. The other is Fashion Friday which will probably just consist of an outfit post full of 3/4 pics, with a list of where you bought the items, and maybe your inspiration for said outfit. 

These posts are not required to be lengthy. If you want them to be longer, then go ahead but a couple hundred words would suffice, depending on how intensive your How To's and such are. 

These are just ideas, but if you ever have something you would like to contribute and you don't think it would fit in, then just shoot me a note over at bluebutterflyvintage [at] yahoo [dot] com. I'm definitely open to new ideas. 

As well as the chance to win a prize you will have a small bio in each guest post and you can link to two sites, such as your own blog or if you have an online store, that would work as well. 

Ok, whew. Did you get all that?

So, the first giveaway will be for a pair of unisex Lucky Brand sunglasses with a retail value of $115. Win them for yourself, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, etc.  
But, wait, there's more(said with infomercial style)...

Second place will win this $14 fish necklace available in my handmade shop The Silver Spider:

So, that's about it. As I said, the giveaways will occur every 20 guest posts(probably about once a month to start), so send me your ideas and win something sweet!