Thursday, August 18, 2011

(unintentionally) funny movie posters

I enjoy perusing Netflix choices obviously to see what movies I want to rent, but for another much more hilarious purpose: unintentionally funny movie posters. I love the site Instant Watcher, which updates what new flicks you can watch via Instant (duh). Today they only had one new flick showing, a gem (I can only assume) of a flick called Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale. The synopsis is something about a teen romantic comedy, but look at this hilarious (I would guess, unintentionally) movie poster:

The tag line "Happily ever after is just a song away" is not enough to make this hilarious, but the fact that the gal (again, haven't seen it, but by reading the plot summary) who is supposed to be a teen, looks like a Real Housewives of (fill in the blank) cast member. I am sure she is perfectly lovely and young in real life, so what's with the wind tunnel hair and botox-esque airbrushing that obvs took place? I was all 'ew, why is that teenage boy pining under aviators for someone who could be his mom and also, where is his neck?' With the exception of the little (ultra photoshopped) portion, does it not look like he is a turtle? Oh, movie posters, you slay me.