Tuesday, August 23, 2011

customer appreciation time: adorable mini style

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, as BBV is going through some changes. Not THE Change, but more like an adolescence of blogging in which the blog is changing formats. You know, so the blog brings someone home for dinner and the blog's mom is all 'he's no good for you' and then blog is all 'you never like anyone I bring home' and slams her bedroom door. That kind of change. That is news for later however, as right now I have the MOST adorable customer appreciation photo in the history of such photos. 

Check out Howl (amazing name) in his little Levi's jacket:

Are you still breathing, because I pretty much died of cuteness overload. AMAZING.


Hand Painted Petals said...

Very adorable !! So nice of the customer to send you the photo -- love his eyes (future ladykiller lashes!)

Anonymous said...

:) you can see more photos of him on my blog