Monday, August 8, 2011

behind the scenes at bbv

Sinatra the Cat loves a woven, vintage bag.


cara said...

don't you just love how they get into everything? i just took a photo the other day of my kitty in a suitcase i had just brought home from an estate sale. i came home, sat it down and opened it up, turned around and she was already sitting in it.

jhitomi said...

Cute photo. Sinatra is obviously looking for the special treat that must be hidden in the purse. And if not, why not?
The purse looks really lovely as well.

Jenn said...

ha! theyre so funny. both of my cats decided to lay in the two boxes of jewelry and buckles i picked up over the weekend. came home, one was in the jewelry and i had to kick him out, then a few hours later i watched the other climb into the buckle box. crazy cats!

(i will prob be a cat lady someday)