Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Mondays...The Prestige

5 Reasons I love this movie:

  • The Nolan Factor - I love any movie this Christopher Nolan makes. Just saw Inception for the first time and loved that, too. His characters are rich in complexities. And that was the understatement of the week. I love how you have to slowly solve the puzzle in his films, without it feeling too gimmicky. Also, the ends are generally open to interpretation, which I love and hate, but in a good way:) I think this might be the best movie of the past five years and it makes me sad that it was not touted as such. It is AMAZING. 
  • Christian Bale - Such an underrated actor. You don't think so, but he rarely gets credit for great roles that he has played. This is one of them. Or two.
  • David Bowie - You have to love the fact the Bowie plays renegade inventor Nikola Tesla. Who else could? The first time I saw this was in a theater and I remember saying aloud, about five minutes after seeing him, "Oh my God, that's David Bowie." Yeah, it was a bit awkward. 
  • Nikola Tesla - So, I'm a secret nerd and I have been my whole life. I love learning and I have been known to grow a bit obsessed with various historical figures. Nikola Tesla is on that list. The guy was pretty amazing and if you've never heard of him or know little about him, he is worth a search. 
  • Magical - Love the use of a magic as a way for the two main characters to constantly one up each other. The way it begins to blend with reality, while also pushing further into fantasy is pretty amazing. Gosh, I just love it. Umm, can you tell that I LOVE THIS MOVIE? Yeah, I do.

The Trailer:

Song from the flick:


Pegs said...

With Bale's other great role being Jack "Cowboy" Kelly in Newsies, of course :D

Have you seen Oh No They Didn't!'s posting on Bale vs. Kermit the frog? It's pretty much awesome.

Also ... good movie.

The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

Just watched Inception myself like 2 minutes ago... seriously...CRAZy and yes, Complex!

Jenny Stamos said...

Okay, now I totally have to watch both this movie and Inception again!
"the ends are generally open to interpretation, which I love and hate, but in a good way:)" -- completely agree!