Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Mondays...Gossip

5 Reasons I love this movie:

  • The Idea - We live in the age of speed gossip and even tho this was made prior to Facebook/Twitter/Texting, it still explores the crazy way a tiny piece of fabricated information can balloon into something terrible, sorta like a creepy version of that game telephone that I used to play as a kid. 
  • James Marsden - Even though he is a mega skeevster in this flick, he is just so damn charming/ridiculously attractive. 
  • The Guy from Boondock Saints - Or Norman Reedus. What a woefully underused actor caught up in that crazy post Boondock Saints near boycott(Remember the writer/director thought he was the king of Hollywood and then everyone around him also suffered post-Boondock career letdowns? No? Do some research, it is a pretty interesting store we learned about in one of my film classes). I heard he was on The Walking Dead, which is great, because he's better than so many overused actors out there. 
  • The Apartment - Droolworthy digs in that old factory turned loft. Seriously, I want to live there.
  • Screams 2000 - This movie was made in 2000 and it shouts it from the wardrobe, to the band Tonic being played in the background, to the obligatory appearance by a cast member from Dawson's Creek (Yeah, Pacey!).

The Trailer:

A Song from the Soundtrack:


Anonymous said...

I watched his On Demand a few weeks ago. I thought the end totally ruined it- I mean, Kate Hudson's BEST FRIEND didn't know she was alive? Come on, now.