Monday, December 20, 2010

Dress Me Up Sundays (On a Monday): Golden Coast

Forgot to post this yesterday. Some lovely dresses in a variety of golds.

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Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

lovin all these picks!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Such lovely dresses! Thank you for including me here.

A Wild Tonic said...

Most, if not all, of these dresses put mine to shame. Gorgeous choices!

Vintage Seen said...

oooh la la, love me some gold! that heightofvintage one is super duper cool!

Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

So many lovelies! Thanks for having me here. :)

Yuri said...

very pretty picks! Gold dresses are elegant and so refreshing among all the black dresses. I always include one or two gold dresses in my treasuries :)