Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Mondays...Closer

5 Reasons I love this movie:

  • The Characters/Dialogue-All of them have cringe-worthy moments, but they are so real that it's both enlightening and utterly depressing. The language hits you in the gut, big time.
  • Clive Owen-That guy is so hot that it's insane. He's always number one when people ask me who I think the hottest dude alive is and he's also a pretty awesome actor. It really blows my mind.
  • Soundtrack-This flick marked the beginning of my (slightly obsessive) love for Damien Rice. I will forever be grateful:)
  • Location-I love any movie that takes place in England. Well, that's probably a stretch, but I do love this one.
  • Photography-I love the use of photography and I am so jealous of the work and live loft that the character Julia Roberts plays is first seen in. That natural light! Haha, says a vintage shop keeper.

The Trailer:

A song from the movie:


Danger said...

Yet another I'll hafta see!