Monday, November 1, 2010

I've Got Some Splainin' To Do

The time has come for the big reveal!

So, I'm from the same hometown as this lady who was ohhhh a bit famous back in the day. She had a little tv show that you might have heard about. Lemme give you a visual hint from paintings on various city buildings in this town, including the post office.

A couple of these are HUUUUGE. So, yeah, I was Lucille Ball for Halloween. I'm  not going to lie. I did a pretty sweet job with the hair, after several hours of frustration. So the big reveal:

You can see in the first pic that I did have earrings in at the beginning of the day, but had to take them out after they were bothering my ears. I wore a 100% Cashmere coat that will be up in the shop soon. I paid a dollar for it. The dress was a 29 cent dress from Goodwill. I borrowed some earrings and a pearl bracelet from my mom and the necklace was a wonderful purchase I made last week from the darling Lauren over at A Wild Tonic. Not pictured are a 50s navy purse I bought for 2 dollars that will also soon be in the shop and a pair of gray wool shoes (yes, wool shoes) from the 50s that I also bought for 29 cents at Goodwill. Even with the 2 dollar orange hair spray color, my entire costume cost me less than 12 dollars. Pretty sweet.

I love the hair the most. My hair is normally a dark brown, so the orange really reacted well with it to make a reddish orange. You can see that it was quite messy tho, as it was all over my neck/ears/forehead. As I type, my hands are still a bit orange. I suspect it will take several showers to completely rid myself of the orange, but it was so worth it. Everyone knew who I was and kept calling me Lucy when I would enter a room. 

I stopped by to see my Grandma and she thought I was dressed up for the heck of it. She told me that maybe I should wear outfits like this more often instead of jeans and t-shirts everyday. You know, so maybe I wouldn't be single...

Yesterday, someone told me that there was a Lucy costume contest in Jamestown. I didn't know about it, because I certainly would have been a contender. Too bad. 

In other news, my darling twin nieces turned 4 yesterday and had a massive party. They know how to throw down haha. 

So here is a pic of them, my bro, his step son, and wife:

Three toy soldiers and two ballerinas. That guy on the TV decided to dress up as a football player, too. 

And one more pic of my big bro...wearing makeup:

So another Halloween bites the dust. Great time this year. Looking forward to next. I'm already thinking about my costume. 

What were you guys for Halloween? Did you have a fanstastical night? Do share!


Vintage Seen said...

amazing! perfect hair! and for 12 bucks. great job. I love what your granny said, my old boss said to me once after i got dumped..."you know Amy if you just prettied yourself up a bit..."

Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

your costume is great...the hair looks perfect!

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

love it!
I've always wanted to Lucy & Ricky, especially since my husband is cuban. Maybe a great idea for next year!
Thanks for sharing doll! :)

A Wild Tonic said...

I love it, Jenn! That necklace is perfect, and I'm not just saying that because it's from my shop! ;)

vintage eye said...

You absolutely rocked it, Doll! Bet you were the hit of the party!

Jenn said...

thanks everyone!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

I'm with Granny: that's a pretty fantastic everyday look, IMO.

also: $0.29 dresses at the Goodwill?! Is that figure de-inflated to go with your 1950s costume?!?!

Phanti said...

Wow, did you ever look like her!
I can't believe that is a spray in your hair, I thought it was your natural colour, it looked so natural!
You should go in a look-alike contest for sure, and all of the clothing was beautiful too.

Danger said...

You did sucha great job!