Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Mondays...A Love Song for Bobby Long

5 Reasons I love this movie:

  • Literature - Travolta's character used to be an English professor and lives a bit of a fantasy life where he speaks mostly in quotations. I love it.
  • New Orleans - I think it was filmed a year before Hurricane Katrina. It is beautifully shot with all of the hypnotic feel the city is known for. Beautiful cinematography.
  • A toned down Scarlet Johansson - Sometimes I think she's too sexy in movies, making her acting seem sub-par. Sounds weird, but it's true. She's actually a pretty great actress without all of that and you definitely see it here. Wonderfully understated.
  • Friendships - I love the friendships that form between the three main characters. Quite an endearing, yet unlikely trio of pals.
  • Gabriel Macht - Yes, please.

The trailer:

Song I LOVE from the soundtrack:

Grayson Capps is amazing. Youtube some of his other music and you'll agree.


Anonymous said...

I was scrolling down, and had to say I completely agree with you about Scarlett Johanssen. She just relies on her looks sometimes, and it's frustruating, because she really can act- especially comedically.

Danger said...

Guess I'll hafta see the movie!