Friday, June 10, 2011

The Writing Process: Name Game

When I write, one of my favorite things to do is pick the names for each character. I even consult various websites to check out baby names and their meanings.

Last week I began a new project and it has started off quite well. The ideas are aplenty, but what I want to know is, which name do you like better: Connor or Cameron? I want it to be a common name, because I hate reading things where every character has some crazy name, but at the same time I don't want it to be too common.

It is currently Connor, because Cameron reminds me of a guy I knew in college who looked like a porcelain doll and I always assumed there was some horror movie about to play out there. Creepy, right? I know.

In other news, one of my items was on the front page yesterday. It didn't sell (siiiigh) but I did sell three things while it was up there, which has be a direct correlation(yayyy). The item was this sweet hat you can grab for 19 dollars in my store:

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Anonymous said...

Cameron is used a ton lately in novels (I read about five a week) so I'd go with Cameron. Of course, unless you want it to be super common. Heck, my current book's character is William which couldn't be more common. Ha ha. I agree about crazy character names. They give me a headache!

victoryvintageb said...

My vote is for Cameron speaks to me..sounds so the item! I LOVE that you name your items...I've named my dresses for years ;-)

Jaclyn said...

I think I like "Cam." It's very "boy next door" common. But like he might be a cutie. In my head, "Connor" wears popped-collar shirts with little alligators ironed on. Unless that's the character. Then right on.

vintage eye said...

I would have to pick Connor. Cameron is too fussy. I do like Cullen as well, another strong Irish name!