Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Wedding in DC

This is so late, but last month my quasi-step-sister (her pops was married to my ma many moons ago) got married in DC.

Wish I would have taken more pics, but I left my good camera at the hotel and my point and click wasn't working on much of anything but a high ISO leaving the pics rather grainy for someone who prides herself on her picture taking skills. Then it conveniently died. Or maybe I was just thinking about how I was the last person in the extended family of siblings to be single and though I am the youngest, it gave me a mad case of the shakes. Probably that. Anyways, here are some pics:

 My four nieces! Too cute. Tori, Cali, Ari, and Lily.

 Shera and Anthony!

 A lovely couple.

 It was at the DC Hilton.

 My oldest brother and his family:)

 What kind of harlot wears red to a wedding? Oh, wait. Me. To every wedding. Bam. I wish you could see my necklace, it was pretty amazing. I will have to post pics another time of it. It is that good. At least my hair stayed somewhat straight in the INSANE humidity. Generally I have a nice fro going on in said conditions, but I think I spent about 2 hours with my straightener. I don't know how you DC folks can handle it!

My other bro and Kendall, his niece.

And that's about when my camera died. Soooo, that's all. (Basically I just wanted a reason to post pictures of my nieces again.)


A Wild Tonic said...

Everyone looks so great! Love the photos! :)

jhitomi said...

Your nieces are adorable! And your necklace from afar does look beautiful! Perfect for that dress.

Jenna said...

These are really good pictures. The nieces look so cute in their dresses.