Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lisa frank: my idol.

Yesterday, I had a humorous exchange on Twitter with Amanda, one of the lovely ladies behind Miskabelle Vintage, which is a pretty clutch store on Etsy and a killer blog you can check out here. It read as follows:

It got me thinking about Lisa Frank. Yes, sometimes Chanel takes a backseat to mass market stationary. Naturally I had to turn to Wikipedia (where everything is true!) for some info on the best artist that any 10 year old girl (and some boys) can name. 

I learned that she started her company when she was only 24! Also, her success and ability to venture into everything from notebooks to lunch boxes came as a result of her successful sticker line. When she divorced her husband, who was CEO of the company, she was assigned control of the company. I never knew it (or maybe I knew it along deep down in my heart), but I think Lisa Frank is my idol. 

Here are some classic pics from her stuff, as if anyone out there doesn't know who she is:

Righteous underwater love between interracial dolphins. The world can learn from Lisa Frank.
Puffins can hang out with polar bears without the fear of being eaten. Also, check out how happy they are even in the face of global warming which has caused most of their ice to crack. That's harmony.
If this is heaven, count me in.

I hope this post brought some nostalgic awesomeness to your day and that we all take some time and reflect on the greatness of Lisa Frank. She may not be the best artist that ever lived, but I am pretty sure she easily captured what life would be like if you were a ten year old who dropped acid. And who doesn't love that?