Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Track and News About a Giveaway!

Remember when I did that little post about my three New Year's resolutions? I am 1/3 complete!

The Silver Spider is officially open and it is a place where I sell my jewelry, which is mostly comprised of either vintage or broken pieces that I've upcycled into new treasures. Best part? I am trying to keep every piece in my store under 15 dollars! You can buy some very cool items for under 10 dollars, including shipping.

Here are some items you can find now:

made from a vintage earring and now a ring, $7

 made from a segment of a broken bracelet, $5

made from a wiggle fish keychain and a tassel earring, $14

Not everything in the store will be upcycled but I really love the idea of taking things you might throw away and turning them into new pieces for others to enjoy. It goes along with the whole loving vintage thing, I suppose.

Over the next few months I will be sponsoring giveaways on various blogs and you can win some of my jewelry! In fact, one began last night, so check out this ring:

It is another piece that I made from a broken bracelet. Anyways, you can win it over at A Wild Tonic, so scoot over and enter for a chance!


Dirty Betty Vintage said...

Super cute AND AFFORDABLE jewelry!

A Wild Tonic said...

Keep up the great work!

jhitomi said...

these are all beautiful pieces.