Sunday, February 27, 2011

MOD Starts Tomorrow!

The official name of the movie book club has been chosen as MOD. It is a play on most of the group's general love of vintage, but also stands for movies on demand.

You can thank Adrienne over at Sweet Clothes Of Mine for her creative awesomeness in coming up with a name of a group she can't even be in full time due to Canada having a way lamer library of on demand Netflix action.

Anyways, hope a few of you had the chance to watch Phoebe in Wonderland. Just saw it yesterday and it was quite good, but I will leave my full comments tomorrow. If anyone would like some comments published in the main post, email bluebutterflyvintage [at] I can include a link to your Twitter, Etsy store, whatever, so be sure to included that. Otherwise, comments below tomorrow's post will do just fine:)