Saturday, January 8, 2011

Runway Rundown is MEGA

Do you ever see amazing pics from runway shows and dream of owning the mega designs the models are wearing, only to be snapped back to the realization that these clothes would cost SERIOUS amounts of money, if you could even snag them at all?

If you answered yes, as I'm sure most of you did, then might I suggest the sweet site Runway Rundown?

Here you can find outfits straight from the runway and their much more affordable/available counterparts from various stores throughout the web.

The site makes it incredibly easy to search for items in a variety of ways. You can try it by designer, collection date, prices, and more. Insanely easy to find AMAZING pieces at much more affordable prices.

I completely recommend this site to you lovely fashionistas out there. Go find yourself a deal and look like you walked straight off the runway!


Lean said...

I actually love this. Thank you. I remember a while back I tried to sew my own version of an Oscar De la renta dress and gave up.

Runway Rundown said...

Thanks for the love BBV, we love what you're doing too!!!