Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Month Later...Brandon Flowers in Concert, My Best Pals, and Toronto

So, I have been meaning to write this for a month, but haven't. I won't make up a reason as to why, because my 2011 motto is NO MORE EXCUSES! (in caps and with !, every time)

Last month, I went on a mini road trip up to Canada with two of my best gal pals.

Oh yea, did I mention we were going up there for a Brandon Flowers (from the Killers) concert? You may remember my obsessive posts leading up to it. I won't bore you with paragraphs upon paragraphs, but here are some highlights:

  • We got to the hotel and the hotel parking ramp was full, so the guy at the desk tells us about a lot down the road and stresses to TAKE EVERYTHING OF VALUE out of the car. Yeah, that's uplifting. Keri, the driver on the trip, has a new car, so let's just say she was a bit nervous all night that her new pride and joy was going to end up in pieces. Fortunately, no break-ins occurred.
  • Guys at the front desk tell us there are places to eat down where the concert was, but when we tell the cabbie he laughs at us and tells us we are wrong. And so we were. Cabbie then gave a handful of caramels as a sorry. What?! Not remotely kidding:
  • 2 hours early for the concert we end up eating dinner at T&T which is an Asian grocery chain. It was hilariously random. They did have incredibly cheap sushi. Here are some pics(yeah, I was the girl taking pictures in a grocery store):
 Look at that INSANELY awesome cheeseburger cake.

 Sandwich cakes. They don't eff around.

 "This is my kinda sandwich." - Keri

 Anne LOVED T&T. Like a little too much.

 No idea what that is, but hilarious all the same. We were such Toronto. Hahaha.

 Milk in a bag? Genius! Or something.

 Get it? It said ube and now it says LUBE. Mature 20 somethings gone wild in Asian grocery stores. Check out the rock on Anne's finger. She's so married.

 The Asian version of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

 My friends chilling under a frozen fish balls sign. Har har har.
  • So, then we headed over to the concert and we were FREEZING our asses off, but check out some pics I took with my little point and click of TO:

 Pretty wicked, right?

  • The concert was amazing, obvs. I am quite short so I did a lot of tippy toes, but I guess it was at least a workout for the calves. Here are some pics of the insanely gorgeous man:

 Favorite pose ever.

 I like to think he's staring at me here.

 So into it.

  • Post concert we spent about an hour trying to get a cab to take us a mile away. Insanity. Finally snagged one and then he passed about 50 cars in the wrong lane. Ohhh, Toronto. You never fail to provide me with massive heaps of stories.

And that was pretty much the crazy concert weekend of December. Here are a few videos other concert goers posted on the 'Tube (note a couple may induce seizures):

BEST COVER SONG EVER(and a Youtube user who doesn't know how to spell Bette Davis):

Loved the whole crowd going bananas on Mr. Brightside. Just an awesome experience all around.


Vintage Seen said...

you seem to have a crush on a rock star and a grocery store. I salute you for incorporating these two things in one blog post! I still have every fond memories of finding some of my fave vintage stuff in Toronto, CHEAP! including a perfect iron maiden tee which would fetch $100 in NY, it was $15, the person selling it didn't believe me...innocent fool!
p.s. I left the tee behind with my ex and now deeply regret not taking it.

Pegs said...

Milk bags are awesome for the following reasons:
-once they are empty, they take up way less space than jugs/cartons before being tossed out/recycled
-they can be washed out & reused for many different things (esp. freezing food as they're heavier plastic).
-they make excellent sandwich bags.
-As there are three bags in each big bag, you only have to open one at a time instead of opening one big jug/carton and having it go skunky halfway through

This post makes me miss Toronto :(

Lean said...

when I was little I remember being obsessed with cheeseburger shaped toys, candies, cakes, etc. lol

Walter Tully said...

He just one of the awesome singer-musicians we've come to see in this decade. Every performance he has appeared in - summer events and major concerts - he just keeps on swaying the whole crowd! He's the awesome guy with great talent. Quite the experience you had there in Toronto.