Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: Homeland 2.11 - In Memoriam

Only a week late! Started this on Monday and posting the day before the finale. I rule.

 Homeland Episode 2.11 - In Memoriam

Spoiler Free Synopsis: Carrie is close to getting her target, while Brody is close to biting the dust at the hands of Quinn.

STOP READING IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THIS EPISODE AT A LATER TIME (the caps make it official and serious, yo.)

What I liked: 

  • Quinn. Is he going to be on this show long term? I like the development of the character and the fact that he legit seems to be questioning his mission, which involves killing Carrie's man. Because I have grown to thoroughly enjoy his character, he will likely be killed next week.

  • Brody and Jess laying it all out there in the driveway. SO. MUCH. EMOTIONAL. IMPACT.

  • Loved Saul being a prick during the lie detector. Dude rocks.

What I loathed:
  • Carrie for a majority of the episode. It is becoming almost laughable when a superior gives her an order, because she never listens and I find it to be highly annoying.

  • The culmination of the TWO SEASON Galvez-possible-mole storyline is that he isn't a mole and he blew out some stitches. A bit weak.

  • Dana's screaming in the condo. Read more below.

Dana's annoyance level:
HA! Being a nerd about this show, I do read reviews after the show to see what other people think and I love how polarizing this chick is. I have to say, I don't get the defenders. She yelled a bit about being pretty much a shut in and then dropped her obligatory f-bomb and shouted a lot about Mike being a better father than Brody. Hilariously inappropriate since to your knowledge, your Dad was being tortured for 8 years, but I guess we are supposed to forgive her because she's a teenie bopper. Her shouting was a bit reminiscent of Carrie shouting all the time, which is great! (Heavy on the sarcasm). 

The Brody/Carrie Chemistry Factor:
Brody loves Carrie. Jess called him out on it and it was almost like a light bulb went off in his head that said, "Yes, actually I do." Still not into it, but I guess it is where the storyline is headed (til one of them is killed). That being said, the scene at the end was pretty decent.

One point: remember a few episodes back when I'm pretty sure Brody NEVER told anyone, even Carrie, the full story of what happened with Nazir? Was that just the idea of killing the VP or was it more? Is this love for real or is Brody still playing Carrie? I don't think we will ever know, but for the love of God, please do let these two have a happily ever after ending. I love Brody as a character, but good lord, Carrie, this guy made you a joke to your colleagues and put you through shock treatments that weren't necessary, because you were right all along. Even if you can look past the whole HE IS A TERRORIST thing, have some self respect. 

Max and Virgil-ness(easily the best two characters on the show):
ZERO. I can't take it.

Overall grade:
It was just ok for me. I would say a B-. The death of Nazir was pretty lame, as was the Galvez plotline. I did enjoy Brody and Jess finally putting it all out there and Quinn's new layer of becoming a legit friend to Carrie. He is like the younger, prettier Saul these days.

Big questions for next week:
Will Quinn kill Brody? Or the other way around? Or no one kills no one? How will Saul factor into it all with Estes wanting him out? So much to learn!