Monday, December 3, 2012

Homeland Episode Recap - 2.10 Broken Hearts

So, in my time away from the blog, I found pretty much the most amazing TV show ever. Everyone had been hyping Homeland for so long that I wrote it off. I generally hate when a show is overhyped, because it never lives up to the standards that other people have made it out to be. Case in point: Mad Men. Sorry, but I just don't get it. It is a decent show, but is it THAT great? Not for me.

Homeland, on the other hand: SO WORTH THE HYPE. It is seriously the best show I can think of in recent memory. I don't watch many new shows, as I often find myself watching old re-runs of woefully canceled too soon shows a la Freaks and Geeks or the Black Donnelly's. I digress. Homeland=so good. So, I think that from now on I will be recapping episodes. There are only 2 left in this season, but maybe I will start with last night's and then revisit the old ones? Who knows?

Let's get to it. In case you're living under a rock, the show concerns a former POW who comes home and one specific female CIA agent who believes he may have been "turned" and is now working for the enemy. Also, they have a bunch of sexual chemistry, he has an annoying family, and she is bipolar. Anyways, the show is much farther on than that, but that's the premise, so assuming you know what has happened since the beginning, let's continue. Amazing. Seriously, amazing show. Did I mention it is AMAZING?

Episode 2.10- Broken Hearts

Just playing some cards, yo. Keepin' it cas'.

Spoiler Free Synopsis: Brody comes "home" to the safe house condo and is contacted by Nazir who has caused a car accident and kidnapped Carrie. Brody flips his shit (a trend) and Nazir says he will trade Carrie for access to the serial number on VP Walden's pacemaker (sneaky!).

STOP READING IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THIS EPISODE AT A LATER TIME (the caps make it official and serious, yo.)

What I liked: 
  • I guess Brody does love Carrie. It has been a recurring theme in the series on just how much he actually loved her vs. how much he was just using her for information. The guy was legit concerned about her well being and even though he hated Walden, I still think his actions were controlled by his feelings for Carrie. Trust me, while I will admit they have insane chemistry, I'm not into the love story that the writers seem obsessed with between these two, but it was refreshing to see Brody showing some signs of love for another human being, even if it was followed by letting the VP die right in front of him. 

  • And to that scene, how amazing was the delivery of the line, "I'm killing you"? It gave me the chills. Brody flips his switch from concerned lover of Carrie to evil hater of Walden so seamlessly and believably that I have to say he is the most compelling character on television.  He is never one thing, which I guess is the point of the show, in that no one person is all of one thing, but rather the gray area that so many fans of the show discuss.

  • "The New York Times, believe it or not." Awesome Nazir quote. Also, kinda hilarious with the face timing rather than just calling. That Nazir. Too bad he is an evil terrorist, because his scenes are generally aces.

What I loathed:
  • Wow, there were some sloppy plot lines in this episode. I generally can look past small things and allow for creative license, but some of them were so HUGE that I couldn't stop thinking about them. After Carrie's accident, are we really supposed to believe that they would just leave Brody out in the world without either bringing him in or at the very least tapping his phone? Saul standing around asking where she was and why hadn't they heard from Nazir was laughable. Umm, you should probably be checking in on oh I don't know, THE GUY WHO WAS WORKING FOR HIM. Seriously, last week Quinn secretly had a gun pointed at him and no one is following his every move when his lady friend goes missing and Nazir is still on the loose in America?? HOMELAND, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. Shape up.

  • Similarly to that point above, could Brody really just wander about the VP's place undetected? Could he shout the name Nazir any louder? 

  • Also, what is up with Galvez? That guy should be dead. Sorry, but was peppered with a machine gun and he just waltzes in slight banged up with a sling? Nope. Not buying it. Writers, we get it that you want us to think he is the mole, but give it a rest. Unless he is the mole and you want us to think there's no way he's the mole because you're shoving it down our throats only to be like, hey, he actually is the mole at some point. My brain hurts.

  • How about Carrie running back to the warehouse? So Carrie of her. Also, so ridiculous. I guess she is such a great CIA agent (is she actually working there again?) because she never listens to her superiors and 100% of the time does her own thing. Oh, wait, I think that makes her terrible.

Dana's annoyance level:
She wasn't in it a lot, but when she was, yep, she had the full on pout and monotone in full force. So many fans want her written out of the show and while I appreciated her character and connection with Brody in the first season, this season has just been too.much.Dana.  What was the point of Finn coming to see her? If they need some filler for episodes how about the drunk old soldier buddy. He is always infinitely more interesting than a Dana story.

The Brody/Carrie Chemistry Factor:
They had some sappy talk on the phone prior to accident where Carrie said it was great to hear Brody's voice. Didn't they say the same thing last week? Something similarly sappy. Sweet soap opera style mush. Slightly redeemed by the fact that I guess Brody loves Carrie. Or something? 

Max and Virgil-ness(easily the best two characters on the show):
Sadly only a couple of small appearances by Virgil. No Max. Siiiigh.

Overall grade:
I give it a solid B+. I have to say I didn't think that the VP would bite it (he is dead, right?) like he did and Brody's spine tingling portrayal in that scene redeemed some utterly ridiculous plot lines that still have me shaking my head. It was pretty decent for shock value and emotional value, but again, how are they not tracking Brody's calls? No,

Big questions for next week:
What the eff is up with Saul and being whisked away for questioning? Will they believe that Carrie was really with Nazir? She certainly can't tell them about Brody's involvement, so what's her deal? WHAT IS IN THAT TRUNK? Or should I say who?

Catch you dudes next week for another sweet recap.