Friday, May 20, 2011

It's My Birthday...1986 Style

Been very MIA this week. Today is my birthday and I'm going on vacation for a few days next week, so it has been quite crazy in my life. I wanted to bless the world with these hilarious pictures circa May 20th, 1986, which is also known as: my first birthday.

My Mother made me this sweet Winnie the Pooh cake. I was all about him back in the day.

And now a series of cake consumption photos(while rocking the My First Birthday pajamas):

 Anxiously awaiting the cake.

 Taste test.

Oh, yeah! Where my love of cake began. PS-When people ask me if my eyes are really "that blue" I am now referencing this post. Or was I wearing baby contacts? The world may never know.

Sometimes old photos make me nearly pee myself. See above. 100% committed to cake consumption.

Hanging with my vintage family members. (ie. Grandma and Grandpa)

Later in the day, outside thinking about how much more cake I want to eat.

Thanks for stopping by and more posts to come soon! Keep it real, 1986 style:)


Vintage Seen said...

you are lucky to still have a fist after almost stuffing it in your face as such a tender age and losing it forever. my second point is...I was 14 when you were 1! holy moly!

Abby said...

That is hilarious and so cute! Happy birthday!

vintage eye said...

You were & are a cutie-pie! I was 26 that year! Yikes I am an old timer! Happy belated birthday, Doll! :)