Friday, May 13, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Tonight I can either go to my twin nieces' dance recital:

Or watch the season finale of my favorite slightly embarrassing to admit show/ultimate guilty pleasure, Vampire Diaries:

What will happen to Damon???? (said in the voice of a 13 year old girl)

Relax, I'm going to the recital.

PS-Please, writers, don't kill off Damon. He's too smoking hot for that. K, thanks.

Commence judgement on my love for said show.


chegbert said...

I'm glad I got rid of my cable otherwise I would be watching this show too! Now I'm only allowed to watch episodes online.

Enjoy the recital!

punkychewster said...

OMG it's the season finale!!! what will i do without my salvatore brothers!!!! i hope you caught the season finale even tho you're so sweet to go catch your nieces' recital!