Monday, April 30, 2012

an alternate history: typo style

It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies for a number of reasons, one being my minor obsession with thinking about alternate history.

Do you ever think about alternate history? Does the idea that the smallest variation in your daily schedule can result in life changing events? I definitely do. 

One thing that I think about was the summer post graduation from college back in 2007. I was ready to take on the world, but had no idea what to do about it. I saw an ad in the newspaper about the local paper hiring a copywriter, which was perfect. I had just completed four year degree in literature/writing at what is touted as the top college in NY by several publications. I surely should have been able to attain this position at small town, mediocre newspaper, right? Wrong. Even though I aced the editing test they give out, apparently my amazing personality didn't mesh well, because the job went to someone else. 

Would I have been selling vintage full time had I been hired back then? Probably not. Would I be happier? Not as happy? Indifferent? Who knows?

What I do know is that finding mistakes in the local paper has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me in the years since I lost out on that job. Don't get me wrong, my grammar is far from perfect, but it is certainly close when compared to the copywriters that actually work for the paper. Check out this gem that was in the area police reports today:

Not only did someone spell the word fight as "fite", but also they spelled the person's last name two completely different ways. 

It's the little things, really. And now back to pondering what might have been...


Natasha Fatah said...

It's one of my favourite movies of all time it every Christmas. :)

~Natasha Fatah~

vintage eye said...

The newspapers down here are no better & the police logs are the worst!

Shoni Freeman said...

Ever seen that Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors?

Jenn said...

I have! Another great alternate history flick.